7th Food Group

In the western world there is an idea that if you tailor your daily dietary consumption to include 6 basic food groups, you can be guaranteed optimal health. These 6 food groups are:


   1. Meat/Protein
   2. Dairy
   3. Grains
   4. Vegetables
   5. Fruits
   6. Oils/Fats/Sweets


However, what modern society is witnessing instead, is unparalleled epidemics of mineral deficiencies, heart disease, cancers of all kinds, mental illness, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and depression, just to name a few. The truth is that even if one is capable of eating the exact recommended proportions of the above, the nutrition that your cells require for regeneration can no longer be found within these foods groups, (and there’s question in many health circles as to whether you ever could).


It’s no longer a secret that modern man has become “processed people.” Everything that we eat has been artificially manufactured, pre-processed or prepared at home in such a way, that the nutritional value is either completely absent or non-absorbable. Also, the fact that our plants lack the necessary minerals to nourish our cells, blood stream and tissues is true because the minerals are no longer in the soil. For decades modern man has depleted the soil.


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7th Food Group
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If the minerals are not in the soil, then they are not in the plants. Plants do not manufacture their own minerals; they must be taken from the soil. So many of the diseases we are witnessing are simply mineral deficiencies. And unfortunately, even if your fruits and vegetables are purchased “organic” there is still no way of measuring which ones, if any, of the 60 daily required minerals are in the plant.

What makes this statement even more devastating is that our natural food supply is now in the hands of government approved guidelines and standards that have allowed the introduction of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), unnatural, unhealthy, unknown and unsafe food look-a-like products, (aka-Frankenfoods, coined from the word Frankenstein) in our products. How can we truly find the nutrition our bodies require, when the quest for nutritious food is so complicated or maybe impossible?


This is why The 7th Food Groupis so needed. It is needed because the 6 Basic Food Groups, or what we call regular foods; the Standard American Diet, (SAD) are not enough for optimum health. The Forgotten Foods…Remembered has recognized that it has become a necessity for us to supplement our diets on a daily basis. Not only do we recommend that we eat less so calledfood, because it ultimately adds to the toxic overload which adds to making us ill, but we must also consciously take in high frequency super foods that feed the mind of the cells intelligent inter-cellular stimulation. These are phyto-nutrients that nourish the cells, organs, tissues and blood stream. These are plants that have been proven, tested and tried for thousands of years to be beneficial for mans’ overall health, by strengthening the immune system for overall maintenance and longevity.


The 7th Food Group is The Forgotten Foods…Remembered’s way of stressing the importance of supplementing our diets with foods that regenerate instead of degenerate the body. It is intended to create a healthier alternative to our daily diets and to introduce to people the need to think supplemental when thinking true nutrition. Our products are also already liquid or end up a liquid so that this nutrition and natural medicines go directly into your blood stream, where it is immediately used by the appropriate part of the body. We have a proprietary system for harmonizing our products to drastically heighten the frequency and efficacy of every product. (See What Makes Our Products Superior). The 7th Food Group adds greater assurance that you and your family are being fed targeted cell food for your daily nourishment for wellness and longevity.