Chang Bai Mountain Red Ginseng

Chang Bai Mountain Red Ginseng

(Organ Associations: Spleen & Lungs)

·        Typically stronger, hotter and more yang than White Ginseng

·        Helps regulate body functions (& to strengthen the functions that regulate other body functions

·        Improves physical strength

·        Used for general weakness

·        Sexual Tonic

·        Used for poor appetite

·        Used for low sex drive

·        Reverses premature aging

·        Helps with shortness of breath

·        Used for cold limbs

·        Used for spontaneous sweating

·        Prevents over fatigue

·        Enhances endurance

·        Increases alertness; but not a stimulant like caffeine or amphetamines & does not provoke nervousness

·        Superb for aged people; has a mental stimulant effect in elderly persons & quickens memory

·        Improves cognitive power

·        Can often reverse intellectual and mental deterioration

·        Effective in hastening the recovery from illness & surgery

·        Continuous use can help regulate blood sugar levels

·        Adaptigenic substance

·        Chang Bai Mountain Red Ginseng is highly favored by the Chinese and is the most common Ginseng used in China by connoisseurs

·        NOTE: “Students claim that it makes them more alert, helps them stay awake for long periods of times with little sleep, and improves memory & reasoning ability