Dang Gui (Angilica Sinensis)

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Dang Gui

(Organ Associations: Spleen, Kidneys, and Liver)

·        Extremely safe & non-toxic, safe to use everyday

·        Supreme “Women’s Herb” (Queen of Chinese Herbs)

·        Supreme Blood Tonic

·        Blood vitalizing herb

·        Improves blood circulation

·        Used by men as a muscle building blood tonic

·        Mildly sedative; soothing to nervous disorders & excessive emotionalism

·        Regulates female menstrual cycle

·        Treats painful menstruation and menstrual disturbances

·        Treats infertility, premenstrual syndrome & menopausal, distress

·        Gynecological regulator

·        Treats common anemia

·        Good for after illness or surgery to rebuild red blood cells and increase blood volume