Lycium (Gou Qi Zi Berries)

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(Organ Associations: Liver, Kidneys, & Lungs)

·        Delicious fruit; very safe & should be consumed daily

·        Excellent for children; can be eaten as a snack

·        Prolong consumption is said to lead to a long, vigorous & happy life

·        Longevity herb

·        Anti-Obesity

·        Brightens Eyes

·        Primary Tonic herb to improve vision

·        Strengthens legs (used by Chinese martial artist & athletes)

·        Sexual Tonic; increases sexual fluids & enhances fertility

·        Fortifies the system against disease

·        Contains a range of polysaccharides

·        Fresh Ning Xia Lycium has the highest content of beta-carotene among all foods on earth

·        NOTE:  “It is said in China that eating a handful of Lycii berries a day will make you happy for the entire day”