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(Enters all 12 meridians)

·        Extremely safe & non-toxic, can be used daily

·        Beauty enhancing qualities

·        Unique because it possesses all 5 of the traditional taste; sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy

·        Possesses all 5 of the elemental energies; Earth, water, wood, fire and metal

·        Possesses pain alleviating properties

·        Purifies the blood

·        Helps detoxify the liver & protects the liver from damage due to poisons

·        Prolonged use is believed to rid the body of toxins before they have a chance to do serious harm

·        Generates vitality

·        Improves vision

·        Protects the body, particularly the skin from harmful effects of the elements

·        Causes the skin to become radiantly beautiful

·        Sharpens the mind & improves memory

·        Rejuvenates the kidney energy; particularly the sexual functions in both men & women

·        Increases sexual fluids

·        Promotes the production of semen

·        Renown for preventing premature ejaculation

·        Increases sexual staying power in men

·        Considered to have aphrodisiac qualities for both men & women

·        Known to increase circulation in and sensitivity of the female genitals

·        Acclaimed for increasing the amount of “female elixir,” (vaginal secretions) during intercourse

·        Prolonged use promotes youthfulness in both appearance & physiology

·        Powerful astringent herb

·        Mind tonic

·        Regulates the central nervous system

·        Plus, much much more…