Wild Aspargus Root

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Wild Aspargus Root

(Organ Association: Lungs, Kidneys & Heart)

·        Extremely safe and non-toxic; can be used daily

*  Revered by Taoist to help them on their paths to

    Radiant health and Spiritual awareness     

·        Major lung tonic

·        Prolonged consumption will make the skin soft, supple and smooth; a sign of the attainment of Radiant health

·        Beautiful skin is the result of pure blood & healthy lungs

·        Good for those experiencing dry skin

·        Longevity

·        Tonifies the sexual functions of both men & women

·        Prolonged use is beneficial for sexual weakness

·        Often used to overcome impotence or frigidity

·        Known to balance the internal functions of the body

·        Seems to lift the Spirit in a way of attaining happiness

·        Love tonic

·        Excellent for those seeking spritual attainment

·        Prolonged consumption allows one to see things from a broader & almost unlimited view

·        Said to open the heart center allowing Shen (Spirit) to flourish manifesting as feelings of love, good will, patience & peace of mind

·        NOTE: “Taoist claim that by consuming Wild Asparagus Root a person gains the ability to fly.  (This flying is really the ability to rise above things that are mundane & is the freedom of Spirit one experiences when one has attained harmony & is guided by universal love.”