Greetings Forgotten Foods Family,

We would like to formally thank you for your patronage and trust in who we are and what we do. As many of you know, this work is not just a business…but a ministry…and a way of life. We have recently expanded our ministry to Belize, Central America. It is here where we will be bringing you the best Rainforest Remedies possible in the not so far future. It is here where we are inviting you to our HomeStay (B&B) exotic adventure wellness retreats and private Get-A-Ways. It is here where we desire to build our own Jungle Lodge, that sacred healing space where you and your loved ones may come to rejuvenate, regenerate and partake in your healing via the vastness of Mother Nature. Many have asked how can they support our wellness ministry.

We are open to receive in the many ways that meaningful work can be supported. Of course no monetary contribution is too small…or too big for the thousands of lives that benefit from the significant and steady work that we do with our small family business. Given the many needs that we encounter in the small and indigenous town that our works are focused in, we are open to non-monetary donations as well. Feel free to contribute according to your heart and financial ability…and thank you for your consideration.




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