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Gynostemma Plus w/PDM

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Gynostemma Plus w/PDM

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Product Review (submitted on February 11, 2016):
I am self employed and as you know, we work harder and work longer hours than if we were working for someone I am a single mother of a teenage boy. Whew! Stress all day long.

My girlfriend recommended Gynostemma Plus for the Stress relief needed in my life. She gifted me my first bottle. With just the first bottle, I could tell a difference with my sinuses and my energy! Those were bonuses! It was my second bottle that I began to witness a shift in my stress level...and another bonus that my friends and family noticed first, my SKIN! This product had smoothed some unwanted blotches away without effort! I would have purchased this product for the clear skin alone, had I known this was possible.

Gynostemma Plus is great for almost everything! I paid it forward and purchased some for my sister who is struggling with acne. God Bless you Forgotten Foods.
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