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Majestic Mushrooms 6

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Majestic Mushrooms 6

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Product Review (submitted on April 14, 2015):
I was told about Forgotten Foods from a friend when I confided with her that my doctor discovered that I had lung cancer. I told him that I wanted to use a natural way to combat this horrible disease.

I went on line and immediately went on their Majestic Mushrooms- 6, Deep Immune and The Emerald Greens 10th Power. I hit it hard! I made sure that I got the large sizes and took them religiously! I changed my diet to no meat and more raw foods. I could feel a mark difference the first month or 2 and my doctor could too. He asked me what was I doing? Well the truth is, I didn't tell him, didn't know if I could trust him. But I can say, I am no longer in his care. I am trusting Mother Nature and The Forgotten Foods! It's Good Stuff!
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