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Miracle Emerald "Lean" Greens 10th Power

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Miracle Emerald "Lean" Greens 10th Power

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Product Review (submitted on June 6, 2018):
I have been trying to loose weight since I had my last baby 2 years ago. My appetite has been out of control. I needed help getting through the day without eating the junk foods.

My cousin said that she had lost weight without even trying on the Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power, however she recommended I try the LEAN Greens instead since they were created specifically to curb the appetite...and that's where I needed the most help. So I did order the product.

1 month later I had lost my first 10 pounds! I was so proud of myself! I was instructed by Mama Kayah to put the product in a thermos with water and sip throughout the day... and it worked! I was not craving food all day. I could focus on eating the healthier options, fruit and vegetables. Sometimes I would add the LEAN Greens to my smoothies and juices as well. I could feel the difference and I was getting stronger and leaner by the day. I will stay on course til I loose another 20 pounds! Thanks mama Kayah and Baratunde, God Bless you both!
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