Mutagenic and Deep Immune Imbalances

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  1.  Cellular Intelligence 10th Power

    Cellular Intelligence 10th Power


    Finally, Baratunde the Herbalist is ready to share this phenomenally potent tonic with the world named, CELLULAR INTELLIGENCE! To date, it has been aging and harmonizing for 10 years…and is ready ...
  2.  Chaga-Reishi (Dynamic Duo) Mushroom Tonic - NEW PRODUCT

    Chaga-Reishi (Dynamic Duo) Mushroom Tonic - NEW PRODUCT

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    *** LIMIT OF 3 PER ORDER***

    This is when the most superior ingredients make up the MOST superlative products. You can only...
  3.  Chaga Mushroom Powder

    Chaga Mushroom Powder


    Long used in traditional Russian medicine as an adaptogen and blood purifier, Chaga has also been found to be effective against several types of cancer including cervical, breast, lung, stomach, an...
  4.  Deep Immune w/ Fucoidan

    Deep Immune w/ Fucoidan


    We are pleased to announce our Deep Immune Modulating upgrade which now includes the very powerful and effective ingredient, Fucoidan! Deep Immune Modulating is now DEEP IMMUNE WITH FUCOIDAN and no...
  5.  Maitake Mushroom Powder

    Maitake Mushroom Powder


    Maitake, (Grifola frondosa), is a delicious, soft-fleshed polypore with excellent nutritional properties. It is best known for its anti-tumor and immune-stimulating properties due to the high leve...
  6.  Majestic Mushrooms 6

    Majestic Mushrooms 6


    There comes a time when just the right blend is necessary to reach the desired results. Well, this very special formula of medicinal mushrooms is blended to deeply impact cellular health and regen...
  7.  Sacred Womb - Fibroid Formula

    Sacred Womb - Fibroid Formula


    Women find this formulation excellent for a myriad of women health issues. SACRED WOMB relieves a broad range of female imbalances from menstrual irregularities to menopausal conditions. This harmo...
  8.  Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

    Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder


    Turkey Tail, (Coriolus versicolor), is probably one of the best documented medicinal mushrooms and possibly the most common mushrooms you will find. They are saprobic growing everywhere on dead or...

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