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Have no Fear!  Just be prepared.  Knowledge is Power. We are all hearing about the end of time disasters coming at some time in the future and even disasters that many people have recently gone through. When disaster strikes, it is never exactly known when it will occur, but definitely all indicators point to the fact that at some time in your lifetime something can happen that will require you to use skills of survival.


In Prepared Readiness 101 we aim to promote the need to be prepared… without promoting the fear.  We are very passionate about getting this information to the public because it speaks to the signs of our times. Mother Earth is speaking very loudly and very boldly with an obvious language of change and destruction all over the planet. Earthquakes, floods, fires, tsunami and tornadoes are happening and more and more people are finding themselves in tragic situations. World-wide weather changes are on the increase where natural devastations happen overnight.  There is also a need to prepare for those disasters that may come from “manmade” government or civil disturbances as well.

Though it is also true that these occurrences are also seen as signs of the old civilization as we have known it and their power structures moving in an obvious state of decline and decay, making room for the new age of higher consciousness and enlightenment.  This is our personal philosophy on the signs of the time.


However, there has never been a greater need for us to focus on how to prepare ourselves and our families for any inevitable emergency situation.  Whatever and whenever it may happen, you need to have an already equipped camping backpack or a duffle bag ready to move with the important necessities that may aid in your survival.  If you are confined to your home, likewise there must be a plan to see your family through the immediate catastrophe or danger.


The goal of The Forgotten Foods is to provide an information source to promote awareness and some basics on how to prepare for these times.  In addition we want to introduce our SurThrival Nutrition Kit.  Yes, we said Surthrival because we aim to not only survive these times…but Thrive as well!  


NOURISHMENT (3 month supply)


In order to thrive, your cells must be able to access nutrition for regeneration and assimilation purposes.  Listen carefully; this is not the same as dehydrated foods.  This is not the time for your body to compete with everyday digestion.  When disaster strikes, the amount of stress the body will be undergoing will be unlike any other stress of the past.  This means nutrition is key to getting your body, mind and spirit through an enormous amount of intense pressure and stress.  Hence, The Forgotten Foods SurThrival Nutrition Kit will have a life-saving 3 month supply of our most powerful tonics and powder; Miracle Emerald Green 10th Power, The Immune Protection 10th Power, Organic Iodine, BL-Jit Regenerating and the Haritaki Fruit. 


These tonics will be in protected 8 oz stainless steel flasks and our Emerald Greens Powder and the Haritaki fruit is contained in a double zip lock baggie which comes in a leather pouch.  This ensures the possibility of breakage and moisture is not a factor.  Since our products are aged and become even more potent with time, expiration will not be a problem when purchased in advance…just store in a cool dark assessable place.


The Haritaki Fruit are important because they are extremely potent in their nutritional value…and are small in size, so they need very little space.  They can be placed in our water and used as an additional water purifier, as well as, another nutrition booster source.  Below are just a few reasons why we believe this fruit must be in our Surthrival Preparedness Kit:

- Removes obstructions from channels and pathways of body
- Promotes fearlessness
- Nourishes the heart, liver, spleen
- Used for a range of ailments including; asthma, ulcers, coughing,
  arthritis, constipation and diarrhea
- Nourishes blood
- Nervine tonic, promotes brain functioning and intelligence
- Preserves vital force in body
- Relieves and corrects gastrointestinal ailments
- Detoxifies body
- Aids in elimination and colon health
- Strengthens sense organs
- Treats internal and external diseases of the eye
- Improves memory
- Improves urinary health
- Normalizes excess body fat
- Corrects flatulence
- And much more


The Forgotten Foods Surthrival Kits will be available in Singles and Couples Kits. Families will want to buy multiple singles or couples kits based on family size.  For large families 5 or more, call the office to place your order for special consideration.




You’ve noticed that the above information focuses on nourishment and not the subject of FOOD.  This is because, food as we have traditionally claimed it in our lives…is not the same as nutrition.  Today, there is virtually no true nutrition present when we sit down to a plate of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s no longer a secret that western man has become “processed people.”  Everything that we eat has been artificially manufactured, pre-processed or prepared at home in such a way, that the nutritional value is either completely absent or non-absorbable.  Also, the fact that our plants lack the necessary minerals to nourish our cells, blood stream and tissues is true because the minerals are no longer in the soil.  For decades modern man has depleted the soil.  If the minerals are not in the soil, then they are not in the plants.  Plants do not manufacture their own minerals; they must be taken from the soil.  So many of the diseases we are witnessing are simply mineral deficiencies.  And unfortunately, even if your fruits and vegetables are purchased “organic” there is still no way of measuring which ones, if any, of the 60 daily required minerals are in the plant.


What makes this statement even more devastating is that our natural food supply is now in the hands of government approved guidelines and standards that have allowed the introduction of Monsanto GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), unnatural, unhealthy, unknown and unsafe food look-a-like products, (aka-Frankenfoods, coined from the word Frankenstein) in our products.   How can we truly find the nutrition our bodies require, when the quest for nutritious food is so complicated or maybe impossible?


This is why The Forgotten Foods, 7th Food Group is so needed.  It is needed because the 6 Food Groups, or what we call ordinary foods, are not enough for optimum health.  The Forgotten Foods…Remembered has recognized that it has become a necessity for us to supplement our diets on a daily basis.  Not only do we recommend that we eat less so called food, because it ultimately adds to the toxic overload which adds to making us ill, but we must also consciously take in high frequency super foods that feed the mind of the cells intelligent inter-cellular stimulation.  These are bio-nutrients that nourish the cells, organs, tissues and blood stream. These are plants that have been proven, tested and tried for thousands of years to be beneficial for mans’ overall health, by cleaning the blood and strengthening the immune system for prevention and maintenance. 


Hence, for stockpiling “foods” to eat for your prepared readiness plan, we suggest your favorite packaged dried goods and dehydrated fruits and vegetables found at your local health food store.  Nature Trails mixes, nut blends, dried fruit & sea-weeds are perfect to start with.  However, most important is training your body today… to eat less “normal foods” and adjust to ingesting more super foods as a way of life, whether you experience a crises or not.


Note: You may want to do further research for yourself, if you want to invest in traditional prepackaged survival food for your family. Keep in mind, anything that can be preserved for 1 to 3 years, may not be a healthy option…unless it’s vacuumed sealed preserved.


It takes so little time to prepare ahead for the unexpected and unimaginable. Take the Time Now... and Just Do It!


SINGLES KIT  $489 ($620 value)

- 8 oz Immune Protection in stainless steel flask
- 8 oz BL-Jit Regenerating in stainless steel flask
- 8 oz Organic Iodine in stainless steel flask
- 8 oz Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power Powder in double zip-lock plastic bags in leather sack
- 90 pieces of Haritaki Fruit


DOUBLES KIT  $889  ($1200 value)

- 16 oz Immune Protection in stainless steel flask
- 16 oz BL-Jit Regenerating in stainless steel flask
- 16 oz Organic Iodine in stainless steel flask
- 16 oz Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power Powder in double zip-lock plastic bags in leather sack
- 180 pieces of Haritaki Fruit


It's next to impossible to tackle everything all at once. Start with creating a plan for your family and gathering the supplies that will most assist you in surviving through a disaster.  Not all plans fit all people begin by following simple and practical steps:


1. Make a Plan:
Where you live is important to how you prepare.  If you live in an urban environment, you may want to consider moving to a more rural place or even out of the country. (In the midst of devastation, the more people, the more chaos…and then possible martial law, which is another conversation altogether…Prepared Readiness 201).   But, if that is not an option, begin immediately identifying family and neighbors who are in the spirit of preparedness so that you can form support.  Know that you will need others if you plan to stick it out and stay inner-city.  If the crises happens suddenly or you must evacuate your home, make sure all family members know where to meet up at a designated place.  When preparing in advance, be sure to include any special needs for your family members that must be taken into consideration, i.e., medications, wheel chairs, eye glasses, etc.


2. Prepare Physically:
This is where The Forgotten Foods Prepared Readiness Kit is most valuable.  We provide the basic nutrition that will be needed to thrive through a 3 month disaster, however you may also consider having a back pack ready with some of the following depending on the kind of disaster you’re preparing to survive through:

- Backpack
- Compass
- Gas Mask
- Face Mask
- Wet-less Matches
- Flash Light
- Pocket Knife
- Poncho
- First Aid Kit
- Climbing Rope, Thin rope
- Change of Clothes, Thermal wear, Extra socks
- Head gear/cap
- Emergency Money or Bartering Power
- Emergency Fishing Gear
- Pup Tent/ Light Blanket
- 2 Way Walkie-Talkie


Keep in mind it could possibly be for long term, not just short term survival.


3. Prepare Mentally & Spiritually:
In times of trouble people search for safety, physical and spiritual. Make your plans where you will find hope, inspiration and positive people that will help you take your focus off the fears of this world, and redirect your faith in a spiritual direction. Stay prayerful that Gods Plan is emerging, in spite of the devastation you may be witnessing all around you.

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    Prepared Readiness


    Have no Fear! Just be prepared. Knowledge is Power. We are all hearing about the end of time disasters coming at some time in the future and even disasters that many people have recently gone throu...

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