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Deep Immune Protocol

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These Products Work! Review by 7 Deep Immune Reviews
These products work! Review by Ben
Quality- 5 STARS
I was diagnosed with cancer last year and finally decided that I would no longer use the medical route, the chemo felt like it was killing me instead of healing me. A friend at church suggested I consider Forgotten Foods products because she had seen where they had help another friend of hers with her bout with cancer.

So I got on their cancer protocol: Deep Immune with Fucoidan, Majestic Mushroom 6, Chlorella Fucoidan Plus and Red Reishi Mushroom. Mannn, I could tell something "real" was in my body right away! It's like my cells responded to something never experienced before. I knew right away, that these products are good and I knew immediately that this was the route I would take to gain my health back. I felt like God was in the products!

4-6 months later, I was feeling like my old self again! Doctors wanted to know what I was doing because my body was regenerating itself. I didn't tell them. I was in remission and getting better. God is Good!
Thank you Forgotten Foods you are a God Send! (Posted on February 7, 2018)

Trust in the Mother! Review by Mary
Quality - 5 STARS
All I can say is that a little bit of trust goes a long way. I basically do not do doctors or hospitals. I am a firm believer that Mother Nature is more equipped to handle even the nastiest jobs. One evening while giving myself a self breast exam I discovered a lump. The fear in my heart at first led me to think about getting it checked out with a doctor. Then I quieted myself and removed the fear.

I know Kayah and Baratunde and believe in their products. I just was not taking them faithfully, mainly due to finances. So I immediately placed myself on their Deep Immune, Majestic Mushrooms-6, Reishi Mushroom Powder and The Emerald Greens 10th Power. I made sure to get the large sizes, so that I would not run out and this time I chose to invest in myself proper.

Well, as God as my witness, that lump dissolved into NOTHING! Within 4 months of addressing the issue, the lump was gone! Now, there is no doctor to share their empirical evidence, and because I feel their testing radiation methods can be dangerous too, I have not gone to get a "check-up." But I can tell you my personal testimony on the power of their products. That lump is gone because I trust in the power of the Mother! Thank you Forgotten Foods for making these products available!
(Posted on February 11, 2016)

Good Stuff! Review by Larry
Quality - 5 STARS
I was told about Forgotten Foods from a friend when I confided with her that my doctor discovered that I had lung cancer. I told her that I wanted to use a natural way to combat this horrible disease.

I went on line and immediately went on their Majestic Mushrooms- 6, Deep Immune and The Emerald Greens 10th Power. I hit it hard! I made sure that I got the large sizes and took them religiously! I changed my diet to no meat and more raw foods. I could feel a mark difference the first month or 2 and my doctor could too. He asked me what was I doing? Well the truth is, I didn't tell him, didn't know if I could trust him. But I can say, I am no longer in his care. I am trusting Mother Nature and The Forgotten Foods! It's Good Stuff!
(Posted on April 14, 2015)

Natural is better Review by Pete
Quality - 5 STARS
I have watched my wife suffer with painful periods due to fibroids for over 5 years. A co-worker told me about The Forgotten Foods products. Her doctors were suggesting surgery but she was more scared of that then the actual fibroids! So when we heard about FF, we felt that it was worth trying.

Well amazingly, the pain began to decrease the first month after she began taking the Deep Immune Modulating, the Sacred Womb Fibroid Formula and The Emerald Greens 10th Power. Then within months, she began to see them break up and leave her body. It was a bit scary but we knew that this was part of the process. She also made some dietary changes, no meat and dairy and more raw foods. 9 months later, my wife is now fibroid free and she now has a wonderful glow about herself. We are so relieved that we did not do the surgery. God Bless you Forgotten Foods. (Posted on April 14, 2014)

Prayer and Deep Immune works! Review by Kim
Quality - 5 STARS
My mother is 72 years old and was diagnosed with cancer. Because she comes from the South and old school stylee she had no intentions of going the Chemo route. Plus many of her friends checked out early and undignified going this route.

I turned her onto The Forgotten Foods along with Deep Immune, Emerald Greens and Bl-Jit Regenerating. She began taking the larger bottles at first and right away began to have more energy and was more happy too. Long story short, within 9 mos of taking these products the doctor now says the cancer is gone! Halleluyah! Of course, much prayer was a part of the formula as well:-)!
(Posted on February 2, 2014)

My mother's story Review by Will
Quality- 5 STARS
My mother is 75 years old and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. At her age, chemo, radiation nor surgery was not an option. We started her on the 8 oz Deep Immune and Miracle Emerald Greens 10th Power. Well we were pleased to see that her energy increased right away. Since we had to fight her to go to the doctors office in the first place, my sister and I supported her with these products instead.

Well in 6 mos when she finally returned back to see the doctor he told her that he could not find the cancer...and even suggested that she had been misdiagnosed! Talk about denial! Thanks to you Forgotten Foods our mother is still alive and kickin.
(Posted on January 15, 2014)

Grateful Gail Review by Gail
Quality- 5 STARS
I met Kayah and Baratunde at an Expo in NY. I was having periods for 14 days or more due to fibroids. Kayah suggested that I move to a plant based diet and especially avoid cheese and dairy products. She suggested that I try the Sacred Womb Fibroid Formula along with Deep Immune. I started out purchasing the 8 and 16 oz bottles initially so that I could saturate the tonics within my cells and tissues. Later I began to see pieces of the growth in my stool and on my pad. It was scary at first, but then I thought...well how else would I expect them to leave my body? Within 5 mos they have shrunk from the size of lemons to grapes and some are gone altogether. And more than anything I am feeling stronger everyday. I am truly grateful to you Forgotten Foods for giving me my life back. (Posted on July 18, 2013) (Posted on November 8, 2018)
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