The Big 4 Protocol

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No Brainer Review by Prat
I'm kinda new to Forgotten Foods. I used to try only 1 product at a time, however I called the FF office one day and shared about my battles with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol challenges. It was suggested that I consider The Big 4 protocol because together these products work to bring homeostasis to the entire body. It made sense to me...kinda like a no brainer.

Well it took 3 months to see the difference but I think it could have been faster had I been able to afford the larger sizes. I started waning myself off of my medications during month 3 so I can see myself drug-free very soon, (if it wasn't for my wife I may have started sooner). I also have increased energy and my libido has improved too! That was a bonus! This protocol works. Thanks Forgotten Foods! (Posted on June 21, 2019)
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Protocols work Review by Leroy
I've been battling High Blood Pressure and Diabetes for over 8 years now. I am tired of taking meds that keep me dependent on things that are not good for my body. I now think the meds are the reason for my kidney decline, my doctor now says that I am borderline the need for dialysis.

With that said, when my daughter suggested The Forgotten Foods my whole family agreed that it was worth a try. So I purchased the medium size products of the Big 4 and sure enough by the end of 2nd month I was able to wane myself off of all of my meds! Of course, my daughter helped me transition into a more plant based diet which at age 56 has been very interesting... but effective.

I don't suggest everyone jump off their medications and find natural medicines, I can only say that this protocol is working for me. Thank you baby girl...and Forgotten Foods! (Posted on April 15, 2019)
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What can I lose? Review by Bev
When my doctor told me that my cholesterol was high and that I was border line heart disease at the young age of 41. I was shocked! For some reason I felt that these were old people's diseases. But I must say that my father, aunti and grandmother all had stroke or heart attack so why couldn't this be happening to me?

I knew I had to clean up my act. My cousin had been encouraging me to become vegetarian cause it was his aunti who had had the stroke and it was believed that it was the high cholesterol in her arteries from excessively eating animal by products. I'm from the South...that's what we do.

The same cousin suggested that I use The Forgotten Foods products to change the course my health was on. Hallelujah! After just 2 months of using The Big 4 protocol, I could feel a difference! I had been experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. However, I could now climb steps and not be dizzy or winded at the top step. It was obvious to me that I was improving and feeling better. I used my last savings from my income tax check to buy the largest bottles which are lasting me 3 months. It's well worth the investment.

My vegetarian cousin also has me on a 30 day vegan diet, I know that helps too. Forgotten Foods have saved my life, God Bless you! (Posted on March 27, 2019)
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