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Shilajit Liquid Tonic

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Shilajit Liquid Tonic

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Product Review (submitted on December 10, 2016):
Listen up! I don't ever take time to give a testimony on any product. Not cause none are worthy...just don't take that kind of time to share my story. But Jerry, the friend that introduced me to Forgotten Foods insisted that I "Pay it Forward."

I just recently turned 45 and suddenly found myself with a digestion problem. Apparently my digestive tract had had enough of the hot and spicy foods. I found myself not being able to eat the foods that I have always eaten...NO all! The burning in my chest was terrible and the vomiting was even worse! I had to eliminate the onions, garlic, fried foods, starches...and did I say spicy already?

Well when Jerry told me that Forgotten Foods was his trusted source and that all of the products he has used of their company have worked for him...I figured I'd give them a try. It was he who suggested the Shilajit liquid. He also said that if it were him he would start off with the largest bottle to insure that it greatly saturated his blood stream.

What can I say? By the time I had finished the 16 oz, I was already feeling more like myself and was able to gradually eat more of the things on my Do Not Eat list. This episode has made me more mindful of what I eat...but also that I now have a trusted source for herbal products that work! Thanks Jerry...and Forgotten Foods!
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