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Shilajit Liquid Tonic

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Shilajit Liquid Tonic

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Product Review (submitted on January 25, 2016):
I learned about this strange sap that came out of the Himalayan Mountains that was an extremely high mineral dense content and was never exposed to any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. When my naturalpath suggested that I get more minerals in my diet due to the fact that minerals no longer can be found in our foods, I checked to see what the Forgotten Foods had this sap called Shilijit. Well I don't know why I was surprised to see that they carried this product.

So I tried it and WOW! I can tell a huge difference all over. Having just turned 50 I can tell the difference in my breathing, my joints, my energy...even my blood pressure normalized when it was just starting to elevate. It really does make a difference...this is truly some Good Stuff!
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